Created from what was once largely derelict land, Northwich Woodlands now provides a rich and green environment to the north of Northwich Town centre. 

Northwich Woodlands is made up of nine countryside sites, each with a different character and history.  The Weaver Navigation and the Trent and Mersey Canal flow through the heart of the Woodlands adding further variety to the landscape. 

The rich variety of habitats to be found within Northwich Woodlands is home to many forms of wildlife. 

To help visitors explore the range of flora and fauna which can be found, FoAM is making the following resources and information available:

Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper butterfly

Six-belted Clearwing moth

Cheshire’s stronghold for the Dingy Skipper butterfly, a Local Biodiversity Action Plan species is on Ashton’s Flash. The Flash is also home to the Six-belted Clearwing, a nationally rare moth which is spreading northwards. A fantastic count of 400 insects was estimated on Ashton’s Flash in June 2019.