FoAM’s Autumn 2019 Newsletter

FoAM has had a full programme of activities and events over the past three months. Read about them in our Autumn 2019 Newsletter.

Don’t miss the fascinating story of ‘Big Alex’ – a sculpture which was abandoned when Marbury Hall was demolished in 1968. The head of the statue has come onto the market in a Christie’s New York Auction ‘Faces of the Past’. The sculpture, which had a guide price of $800,000 to $1,200,000, sold for $591,000!

‘Big Alex’ at Marbury Hall

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  • Hans Christoph von Mosch says:

    I am writing an academic article about a famous sculpture in Munich Glyptothek called “Münchner König.” When I saw the old pictures of “Big Alex” in your 2019 Newsletter, I got the idea, that it might be a Roman copy of our Munich piece. Could you provide any further information about the Marbury sculpture (not the Christies head)? More old photographs or any information where it is today? Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.
    Best regards
    Dr. Hans Christoph von Mosch, Munich

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