FoAM’s Winter 2015/16 Newsletter


FoAM's display at Barnton Library

FoAM’s display at Barnton Library


FoAM’s volunteering activities and many of our events promote health and well being.   Volunteers were pleased to set up FoAM’s display at Barnton Library in support of a Health and Wellbeing Week.


Coming out of meetings between FoAM and the Rangers’ Managers has been a recognition that the accommodation at Marbury is in need of replacement.  A few days ago, we were delighted to watch the removal of the old Rangers’ and Volunteers’ Cabins and Toilets.

Over the coming weeks, you will see work being undertaken to replace them and we are looking forward to being able to move into the upgraded accommodation.  Read about this and our other news in FoAM’s  Winter 2015/16 Newsletter


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