6th I worked at Anderton near the ‘road gang’. Last week I noticed overhanging branches that needed cutting back. I started near the out-of-hours car park and trimmed back along the path to the main car park. It meant that I stayed in the shade. When that was done I walked up the track past the ‘road ‘gang and then I continued cutting back along the path at the back of the fishing ponds to end up at the noticeboard on the main car park just before lunch.

Inauguration of the new Hall Panel

Inauguration of the new Hall Panel

13th I made sausage rolls for the buffet lunch that would follow the Inauguration of the new interpretation Panels before leaving for Marbury. Chris had decided that the gusts of wind forecast weren’t favourable for the erection of a marquee, so we were to lunch in The Lodge. Jim and I swept it out and I put a cloth over one of the tables. It was already very breezy so I had to anchor it down with bottled water and cartons of fruit juice. Donations of food for the buffet were accumulating in the cabin. Elna and I began sorting sweet from savoury and slicing quiches and cakes. Frances and Joanne arrived with more goodies and the activity intensified. Soon after eleven people started arriving for the ceremony and I went out to play host. Holly Mawdsley and Councillor Norman Wright agreed to reveal the new hall panel. I made my speech just as it began to rain, but about 40 people stayed to listen before the big reveal and Nick Jones’ camera work for the Guardian. We all went down to the Mere Hide and sheltered briefly in front of the new bird ID panel before braving the rain to get to The Lodge for lunch. There was a fine spread, which was much appreciated.

sandra26th Dave suggested that I did some more cutting back at Anderton, along the Fisherman’s Path. It suited me as I was preparing for a guided walk that would use that path on Saturday. Sandra joined me and we walked down from the car park, trimming back a few bits and pieces along the way and making a mental note of some of the wildflowers. We started lopping and sawing in earnest once we reached the Fisherman’s Path. Anything that encroached got the chop, or was meant to, but we gave some dog roses and apples a reprieve. Elna became part of the team after lunch and we parked on Marbury Lane to pick up where we’d left off and work towards Carden’s Ferry Bridge. It was a good day for a walk and we apologised to passers-by for obstructing the path, but they all assured us that we were “doing a grand job”. It had been a lovely sunny day, which was fine, but there was very little shade at the foot of the south facing slope and no seat. We just about made it to the bridge before the thought of a cup of tea was too much.

27th I’d arranged to meet Elna at Anderton Car Park to do a proper survey of the wild flowers ready for Saturday’s walk. I was prepared with field guide, notepad and pencil. The unusual spring weather meant that there was a lot of top growth and we had to search for some of the flowers. Luckily we had a good idea where to look. Inevitably some were yet to come into flower, but I noted more than 70 species, so there will be enough to look at on Saturday. We met a man who was very interested in what we were doing and he questioned us about flowers that he’d seen. It was very difficult to give a positive identification based on his descriptions. We took about two and a quarter hours, so it’s likely to be a little bit longer on Saturday. We felt the first spots of rain as we got into our cars to go to Marbury for lunch.

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