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Marbury & Dunkirk 1940, Monday 19th March

Talk by Clive Brookes –
Marbury Hall & Vale Royal:
Their part in the Retreat from France 1940

1940 saw over 500,000 allied troops successfully evacuated from French ports. Thousands flooded into Marbury and mid-Cheshire. This talk reveals their personal stories of escape, voyage, arrival, reception and accommodation locally.
At: Comberbach Memorial Hall 7.45 pm Monday 19th March
For information contact: Mike Allen on 07889 303411 or email:

FoAM’s Winter 2017-18 Newsletter

Marbury Lodge – the original one!


Read how volunteers have now completed work to make the grotto accessible to visitors and how the project whetted their appetite to explore the Summer House.

This has led to volunteers wanting to find out more about Marbury Lodge – the toll cottage which once stood on Marbury Lane, near the canal bridge.


Find out more about this and all our other news in FoAM’s Winter 2017-18 Newsletter