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Saturday 21st January, Bird Walk in Big Wood

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Saturday 21st January.

Bird Walk in Big Wood, Marbury Country Park.

How many birds can you identify in the park?

A list of birds you might see in Northwich Woodlands can be found in the Wildlife Category.

Meet: 2.00 pm at the Rangers’ Cabin / Marbury Lodge.

For information contact: David Bullock 01606 781981

Christmas Decorations Workshop, Sunday 18th December

FoAM’s Christmas Decorations Workshop

Sunday, 18th December

Come to our annual workshop to create some stunning decorations for your home from natural materials gathered in the woodlands.

From: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm in Marbury Lodge

For information contact: Joanne Redley 01606 44728

Mammal Trapping Event Cancelled, Saturday 26th November

Unfortunately we will be unable to set out the traps on Friday night because the forecasted temperatures are below 5ᴼ C. It is considered that setting traps in low temperatures can put the animals at risk.

Paul Hill , a FoAM member and an environmental consultant, has kindly offered to be in the Rangers’ cabin for a short time on Saturday morning to demonstrate the trapping procedure and explain more fully the reason for cancellation.

Apologies for the late notification but we were hoping that the weather would change.

Meet: 9.30 am at the Rangers’ Cabin/Marbury Lodge

For information contact: Jim Jeeves 01606 77688