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FoAM’s Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Willow clearing at Haydn's Pool

Willow clearing at Haydn’s Pool


Read about the many hours of hard work by volunteers and Rangers to improve the habitat at Haydn’s Pool.  This, and our other news, can be found in FoAM’s Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Autumn in Marbury Country Park, Sat. 1st Nov

A two-hour guided walk around Marbury Country Park looking at the autumn colours, fruits and seeds.

Starts at 10.00 am

Meet at the Rangers’ Cabin / Marbury Lodge.

For more information contact
Mary Jeeves: 01606 77688


image3rd A group of us went to Carey Park with Chris. We created a chain to transfer a pile of lengthy logs onto the trailer. We disturbed a couple of sheltering red admiral butterflies and toads as we worked so we left a few of the larger logs as ‘habitat’. Back in the yard at Marbury we began preparing for the charcoal burner. Chris showed Antony how to set the fires in the base of the kiln. I then passed the material to Antony whilst Chris sawed and John and Dave P. used the log splitter so that the kiln could be filled. Sandra and I left them to it after lunch so that we could do the Butterfly Transect. It was warm, but cloudy and it became very humid. We only saw 9 speckled woods. Back in the yard the kiln was almost full and there was some tidying up to do.

image4th The willow clearance at Haydn’s Pool goes on, and on! Six of us trudged across the meadow and the reedbed, Which is mercifully dry, to light a fire with paper, cardboard and kindling. There were piles of felled willow all around us from previous days, giving it chance to dry out a bit. We cut it to shorter lengths to get the fire going before trying the bigger branches. It was warm enough without a bonfire. The smoke seemed to follow us around and every so often a spark would spit out and burn a hole in our clothing. Bonfires have a life of their own! After lunch Dave asked Elna and me to collect fruit for the Food For Free event. He wanted to make some rose hip syrup and I’d noticed some rose hips alongside the path around Haydn’s Pool. We collected about 4 pounds, but not without getting scratched. We also found blackberries and elderberries within a short distance of the car parked on the lane.

image24th There was a group of volunteers emptying, riddling and bagging the latest charcoal burn. In the shed there were already about 25 bags that needed sorting out and stapling. I spent the morning in the shed, while Mark lined up even more bags for me to deal with. The stapler ran out of staples twice, which at least gave me the chance to straighten up and go into the office. I escaped from the shed into the sunshine to do the Butterfly Transect with Elna. It’s almost the end of the season for butterflies, so we were lucky to see the one comma, but it was a pleasant walk.

25th The uneven ground at Haydn’s Pool and my dodgy knee deterred me from joining Dave for a willow bonfire, so Elna and I had a bonfire of our own. There was a lot of timber on the burning site and we soon got a fire going. We lifted most of the timber onto the flames between us. After lunch Keith lifted the last of the wood on and I tended the fire until there were just a few hit embers remaining.