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Ian Booth


The sad news that Ian Booth had died suddenly over the Easter weekend has come as a great shock to all who worked alongside him. Ian volunteered in Northwich Woodlands for almost eight years. He was a member of FoAM for seven years, serving on the committee as treasurer from May 2013. He was volunteering as usual a few days earlier, although expecting to go into hospital for surgery in May. He will be sorely missed as a colleague and a friend.

“It is a great shock and so very sad. I was very fond of Ian although the volunteers knew him better than I. [My husband] did know he was due to visit hospital but said he seemed his usual energetic fit self at the last Marbury session.”

“He was such a nice, hard working man and will indeed be sorely missed.”

“What a terrible shock.”

“Terrible news. Ian will be sorely missed as a volunteer, member of FoAM and as a ‘good man’.”

“Tragic news.”

“So sorry to hear this – a great shock”

“What awful news, and a big shock for his family and everyone concerned.”

“We were really saddened to read your email. It is such a shock when death is so sudden.”

“I am sorry to hear of the sad news about Ian. My time as a volunteer was before that of Mr Booth but I feel sure I must have met him during my visits to Marbury/Anderton. I can understand what a shock the news must have been to those who had worked alongside him so recently. My condolences to the family.”

“Oh what terrible news. Ian was such a splendid member of the team he will be very sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him. A very sad loss indeed.”

“I am so very very sad to read your message. Please do let me know when the funeral is. I liked Ian so much. He will really be missed.”

Dawn Chorus & Spring Bird Walks: Sat. 3rd May


The meeting point for the Dawn Chorus and Spring Bird Walks is in the Rangers’ Cabin/Marbury Lodge area in Marbury Country Park.

Start time for the Dawn Chorus Walk is 5am.
More information: Jim Jeeves 01606 77688

For the not-so-early risers the Spring Bird Walk begins at 10.30am.

More information: Vernon Lundy 01606 782627

Agenda for 15th AGM of FoAM, to be held on 19th May 2014


Click 2014 Agenda to find the Agenda for our 15th AGM, which is being held at Comberbach Memorial Hall on Monday 19th May 2014, starting at 7.30pm.

Please note that the Minutes of last year’s AGM (including the Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2012-13) can be found in the Minutes and Reports section of the website.