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Wildflower Facts & Fiction, Saturday 30th June


Join us on a guided walk in Anderton Nature Park to view the many summer wildflowers and discover some of the folklore surrounding them.

Meet at 10.00am
Anderton Nature Park car park

For more  information contact 
Mary Jeeves: 01606 77688

Plant Bring & Buy Sale, Sat/Sun 26th/27th May

A chance to bring and/or buy plants for house or garden (trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, annuals, seedlings, herbs, vegetables, salads….).

All surplus plants will be welcome.

10.00 am – 4.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 26th/27th May

The Lodge, Marbury Country Park

For information contact: Mary Jeeves 01606 77688


Thur 5th Amanda drove her van and the trailer, loaded with pebbles and equipment, down Marbury lane and then she took to the field. We bounced across the rough grass, following in Dave’s tractor tracks.  We unloaded the wheelbarrows and assorted tools and made our way to No. 1 Hide on Neumann’s Flash. We left Dave swinging a sledge hammer to remove the kissing gate. This would enable him to get the tractor closer to the hide with the ton bags of pebbles attached to the forks. Elna and I got to work with loppers to remove brambles and hawthorn to create an access route for wheelbarrows to transfer the pebbles to the ‘beach’. Dave and Amanda barrowed the pebbles to a point beyond the hide, ready to complete the journey in the next few weeks. The rest of the volunteers, meanwhile, were weeding out young willows from the ‘beach’, all in preparation for a suitable nest site for little ringed plovers.
Following some work by tree surgeons Chris took a group of us to tidy up branches, which might otherwise end up in the mere. The branches went from tractor bucket to trailer and then back to the yard. Near the nursery we watched the tree surgeons at work high in a beech tree and decided that was a job for specialists, who were young, fit and fearless. We drove up to Anderton for some more tidying. We put the brash from a pollarded willow through the chipper to end the day.

Thur 12th On separate walks in the last week Elna and I had seen a load of rubbish dumped on one of the wildflower posts by Marshall’s Wood at Anderton. Most of it was bags of dog foul. Nice! Dave suggested that we position one of the ‘Responsible Dog Owners’ notice-boards nearby. We walked down from the car park carrying our equipment. Some kind person had removed the mess. Thank you whoever it was! We stayed to install the notice-board and then we split up to continue litter-picking for the rest of the morning.
The mountain of timber on the burning site was daunting, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a bonfire. Rotten bridges at Anderton had been dismantled and dumped for disposal by fire. I had no trouble getting a fire going, but the timber had been covered with an anti-slip coating of tar and grit and as the heat intensified the bonfire began spitting the bits at me. The skies cleared and the temperature rose a little, even away from the fire. I saw a brimstone and a green-veined white butterfly and thought that today might be my only chance this week to walk the transect. When the bonfire was safe to leave I collected my clipboard and successfully completed it before cup of tea time, checking on the bonfire towards the end of the walk.

Thur 19th Showers were the order of the day. One group of volunteers tried to stay in the dry and tidied the barn and the workshop. Jim and I had another bonfire to clear the remains of the rotten bridges and some rubbish brought from the yard. We burnt all of that and just managed to get back to the cabin before the heavens opened. At least that dampened down the fire. The workshop is now all neat and tidy and anyone who leaves it in a mess ……

Wed 25th It was raining once more. Elna, Vanessa and I volunteered to stay indoors and tidy the desk in the corner of the cabin. It’s difficult to know what to keep and what to throw away when it’s other people’s stuff. When it looked as if it might be important, but we didn’t know where to put it, we decided on Chris’ desk. That may be the next area that needs a tidy, but not by us.

Thurs 26th It was a day of frequent heavy showers. Chris pushed the charcoal burner over so that David, Jim and I could bag up the charcoal. However it was the poorest burn that we’ve had so far. We spent most of our time stacking up the browns ready for another burn. We did salvage 4 or 5 bags of usable charcoal. We battled on in the rain, managing to avoid getting those few bags wet. We collected together newspaper and kindling to set the kiln up again. It began to rain heavily and we tossed the logs into the burner as fast as we could and replaced the lid. We looked around for something to do in the dry and shed tidying became attractive. Pairing up wellies proved to be David’s forte as he was the only one who could read the sizes on the soles without specs. We found an empty shelf and a crate to accommodate them.