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Bird Walk in Big Wood, Saturday 26th January

How many birds can you identify in Marbury Country Park?

Vernon Lundy will lead a walk through Big Wood starting at 2pm from the Rangers’ Cabin.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Booking is not required and there is no charge, but donations to FoAM would be most welcome.
Children should be accompanied by adults.

A check list for the birds you might see in the Northwich Woodlands can be found in the Wildlife category of this website.

For more information contact Vernon on
01606 782627


5th It was freezing. I put new information on the chalkboard before going to find the other volunteers. They were busy with picks and shovels clearing the area where Mark and Lorraine park their Refreshment Van. There seemed to be little that I could do, so I began gathering things together for Saturday’s event. I found things crafted from woodland materials by volunteers that we could display and/or sell. After lunch Daniel was, like me, looking for a less strenuous job. I met him in the yard sorting through sacks of litter for items that could be recycled. It’s an unpleasant enough job anyway, but to do it on your own is miserable. Together we made it bearable. After a while we were both very cold, especially at the extremities, in spite of stamping on countless cans. ‘Fosters’ seemed to be the liquid refreshment of choice, perhaps because of price rather than taste. We can always tell what’s on offer in the supermarkets. We sorted through the five sacks of rubbish and called it a day.

13th The chalkboard needed my attention first. By the time I arrived to join the other volunteers on the road from the Nursery entrance David was already starting to set a fire. Chris was supervising the laying of a holly hedge and there was brash to burn. The ground was frozen hard and the newspaper was damp so we struggled to get the fire lit. Even then our problems weren’t over as holly seemed to require a lot of heat to burn. It took us until about three o’clock in the afternoon to get a blaze that got us warm, but we never had to retreat from the heat.

Christmas Decorations, Sunday 16th December

Join us to create some stunning decorations from natural materials gathered in the woodlands.

From 10.00am – 12 noon in Marbury Lodge

For information contact Joanne Redley 01606 44728