FoAM’s Autumn 2020 Newsletter

As we enter the second national lockdown, we are fortunate to have Northwich Woodlands on our doorstep. The Woodlands provide a wonderful place to visit for safe exercise and enjoyment. Although FoAM has not been able to restart its events programme as a result of the pandemic, there is still much to report.

It’s the time of year when the amazing spectacle of starling murmurations can be seen. For the last couple of weeks, there have been good views from the bird hide overlooking Budworth Mere, near the Rangers’ cabin at Marbury. Late afternoon, as the starlings come into roost, is also a good time to have a chance of seeing a bittern. There are currently two of these elusive birds in the reedbed.

Read about some of the other exciting things you might see on a visit in FoAM’s Autumn 2020 Newsletter.

This Beautiful Marbled Moth was found on 10th August by Liz Bentham at Marbury. This moth has only been found a few times on the South Coast and has never been found this far north before.

Beautiful Marbled Moth

FoAM’s Summer 2020 Newsletter

This is now the second FoAM newsletter since the start of the pandemic and it still feels strange producing a newsletter when we have been unable to hold any events and volunteers have been unable to work in the Woodlands since 19th March.

In spite of this, there is still a lot of news and information to share and we hope you will find something of interest in FoAM’s Summer 2020 Newsletter.

Foxgloves on proposed play area

A number of volunteers have just been allowed back into the Woodlands, working within government guidelines. However, the length of the lockdown means there is a huge backlog of jobs to be tackled. Unfortunately, the nature of the events planned by FoAM are such that it is unlikely we will be able to hold any for the remainder of this year.

FoAM’s Spring 2020 Newsletter

In these unprecedented times, it seemed quite strange producing a newsletter when all our activities had been stopped as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, there is still much of interest to report as the Woodlands are looking fantastic and open for exercise. Read about this and our other news in FoAM’s Spring 2020 Newsletter.

Dingy skipper