Christmas Decorations Workshop, Sunday 17th December

Sunday 17th December

FoAM’s Christmas Decorations Workshop

Come to our annual workshop to create some stunning decorations for your home from natural materials gathered in Northwich Woodlands.

From: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm in Marbury Lodge near the Rangers’ Cabin

For information contact: Joanne Redley 01606 44728

Mammal Trapping, Saturday 25th November

Unfortunatmely this event has been cancelled due to the forecast of cold weather overnight.

Mammal Trapping

9.30 am Saturday 25th November

Meet in Marbury Lodge to join Ranger Chris Moseley opening the mammal traps set the previous evening.

For more information phone Jim Jeeves: 01606 77688

Autumn Bird Walk, Sunday 8th October

Sunday 8th October

Autumn Bird Walk in 
Northwich Woodlands

See Migrating and Wintering Birds at Haydn’s Pool, Ashton’s and Neumann’s Flashes.

From: 10.00 am – 12.00

Meet: Cumberland Car Park, Leicester Street, Northwich

For information contact: David Bullock 01606 781981